Things Tim Cook Should Do for Apple

  • Grow the company’s market share, keeping the margins above 44%.
  • Release 8 different iPhone versions at the same time, some of them should have larger screens, like Samsung. Yet keep the margins above 44% and remember the full benefits of a newly released iPhone only come in the 2nd half of its production run.
  • Get the iOS platform onto the emerging markets. But don’t release a cheaper version of iPhone and sacrifice the potential margins.
  • Spend a fortune on marketing research like Samsung did. However let the product do the selling.
  • Be innovative.  But make sure to squeeze every penny of profit of the products you currently have.
  • Know your way with Web Services. But don’t buy Twitter, Yahoo or Foursquare.
  • Restore the Google’s position of the main Maps supplier for iPhones. However, be wise enough to make Apple the leader in mobile, maps and search.
  • Shut down Siri for good. But decide on out how to outpace Google in terms of search.
  • Move all production capacities to the USA instead of China. But discontinue producing premium priced products and don’t even slightly increase the prices of your existing products.
  • Make use of $137 billion on your balance sheet. But avoid making any high-priced acquisitions that will turn out wasteful.
  • Don’t try to be Steve Jobs. But think what he would do and do the same.
  • Don’t let the share of iPad sales outnumber your Mac sales. But do sell a lot more iPads.
  • Forget about expensive patent battles. Instead, protect your core IP and don’t let Samsung steal your new developments.
  • Think about your customers’ experience before you kick out Google search, YouTube and Maps. But figure out how to prevent strengthening Google with your supply of its mobile search revenues.
  • Develop in China way faster. But remember to make money, while you’re at it.
  • Ask Scott Forstall to return to the company. But also retain Jony Ive and Bob Mansfield.
  • Ship your Apple TVs right after the purchase is completed. But before shipping make sure your product is going to be a perfect experience for the user.
  • Create awesome products. But be fast and diverse.
  • Create a couple more products out of nothing and make sure people buy 100 million of them within two years. Repeat this every year.
  • Keep being an expert on the supply chain. But be more charismatic like Steve Jobs.
  • Change Apple. But make sure it stays the way it was under Steve.

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